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Last week’s discussion was well attended despite the impending ice storm. Thanks to everybody for coming out. Here’s some of what went down. “I am really surprised there isn’t more outrage from Americans over the  Wikileaks releases,” said Joah. He meant the Apache helicopter video in particular. The soldiers in the video technically did follow […]

Wikileaks Discussion

The Junta convenes tomorrow night (Tues) to discuss Wikileaks. Please join us for a robust exchange of ideas about privacy, espionage, diplomacy, war, revolution, and freedom, among other things. All viewpoints are welcome. Read previous posts for more background. Tuesday, February 1st, 8:30pm DOC Wine Bar, 83 N. 7th St. in Williamsburg. (Cash bar only)

Catch a Viewing of “The Vanishing City”

For anyone who wanted to come to our previous meeting but couldn’t make it, the film we watched is being screened at The National Arts Club next Wednesday, followed by a panel discussion. “The Vanishing City” is a great documentary about real estate in Manhattan over the last 30 years. It covers the changes in […]

Building Out the City

“I think people tend to have a misconception of the film,” said Fiore DeRosa, co-creator (with Jen Senko) of “The Vanishing City“. “We’re not some NIMBY, anti-development crowd. We’re not against safe, clean neighborhoods.” DeRosa was commenting on the possible irony that we had gathered to watch his film in a so-called “luxury condo” development. […]

Opening Day

Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball. —Jacques Barzun Is that still true? I don’t think so. I’ve said elsewhere that it’s football you have to understand to get Americans, even if Jeremy might feel otherwise. When George Carlin did his famous number on football vs baseball, he […]

Iran Wrap

I started the discussion on Tuesday night with a sort of mini-argument: four points that I had arrived at over a couple of weeks reading on the subject of Iran, which I figured would get the ball rolling on the evening. Because of the sharp minds in attendance, it was all that was necessary to […]

The Effectiveness of Sanctions

WNYC carried a story this morning about American companies doing business in Iran. While technically it is illegal under American law for companies to deal with Iran, business successfully lobbied to be allowed to subvert the embargo by using their foreign subsidiaries. This is how, for example, Honeywell is able to sell Iran technology to […]