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Iran as “Superpower”

Robert Baer, formerly a CIA operative, published a book in 2008 called The Devil We Know: Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower, which I’m reading in preparation for our meeting next week. His theory is that Iran is rising and has imperial ambitions, that it has basically been at war with the United States for […]

Iran in 2015

The next Junta will take up the subject of Iran, and to focus the conversation, I’m asking the group to consider the possible scenarios five years from now. Things to consider: Will Iran have the bomb by then? Will the current ruling structures still be in power? What are the best/worst possible scenarios for US-Iran […]

Iran vs Saudi Arabia

China Economic Review highlights this WSJ story on American diplomatic efforts to get the Chinese to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia. The idea is that if China buys less oil from Iran, they will be more inclined to support the sanctions the Americans are proposing. What about a converse situation? Instead of pressuring the […]


Just wanted to post something brief ahead of the next Junta. Like all of you I’m sure I’ve been following the events in Iran closely. I keep hearing the words Velvet Revolution thrown out in terms of the Iranian government’s fears that they will be pushed aside in a wave of liberal protests. But I […]

Democracy is Bad for You

Date: Monday, July 6th Time: 7-9pm Place: Arrow Bar, 85 Avenue A, btw 5th/6th St. The next Junta will be centered on the question of democracy in our time. As democracy spreads through a society, power devolves from the elites and the middle class grows. Theoretically, this process should continue until the poor are also […]