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The Beck DC rally and “ground zero mosque”

Check out our very own Alex Zaitchik’s dispatch on the, uh “Restore America” rally in DC this past weekend in The New Republic. Ya’ll will recall the Beck Junta that Alex led off of his new book. Honestly, every time I read about Beck I want to smash something, the guy is so infuriating.  He holds what […]

Battling Our Own Prejudice

We began Wednesday night with Alex reading from the introduction to his book, which centered on a speech Glenn Beck made in Tampa, in November 2009. There Beck announced “The Plan”, an as-yet-undefined blueprint for taking America back from the progressives and advocates of “social justice”. Beck believes that this phrase is a euphemism for […]

Glenn Beck Exposed

We are not slowing down here at the Junta. After the smashing success of our meeting on contemporary art, we are jumping to a contemporary media figure as a subject of discussion. Glenn Beck is known as the new star of conservative radio and Fox News TV, where he is seen and heard by millions. […]