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NYCJunta.com was down for almost a week, for what reason I’m not sure, but I think I’ve finally managed to solve the mysterious problem. Where the login page was supposed to be, there was instead a custom “404- Page Not Found” dead-end but with a Japanese cartoon image and a link to, I assumed, the […]

Junta #3

Rindy is agitating for Junta #3 to take place on November 3rd. His reasoning is sound–the eve of the election–but I’ve been resisting because I’ll have come back from China the night before. But he promised to organize everything and have it somewhere near my apartment, and with the understanding that I may start drooling […]

Wall Street Crisis

  At Junta number 2 we are going to talk about the financial crisis that is dominating the news, many are calling it the worst since the Great Depression. I spent a few days last week at hedge fund conference in Greenwich and it was amazing to be surrounded by that crowd as the market […]