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Art Wrap – Not Exactly “All Figured Out”

Friday’s Junta on contemporary art was one of the best yet and a lot of fun for everyone involved. We had a lot of good feedback: thanks to everyone for coming out. JohnJ started us off with a quick overview of artistic movements in the last 140 years, with an emphasis toward trying to explain […]

Deciphering Contemporary Art

John J. McGurk is an artist who founded Elwa Productions in 2007 with the mission of promoting and curating shows with young, usually unrepresented artists. He is a graduate of RISD and has worked at galleries in Providence, RI (The Steelyard, Firehouse 13) and NYC (Aicon Gallery, Mikhail Zakin Gallery). John J will lead a […]

Art Junta Looming

The Junta is organizing a meeting on contemporary art at the end of the month. In fact, it looks like it will literally be on the last day of April. Our featured guest (host, really) will be John J McGurk, an artist and gallery manager. He is also co-founder with his brother Whitney of Elwa […]

Evolution of the music industry

Read this essay on the state of the music industry this morning and thought I’d post about it. It speaks to a lot of the issues that are discussed on another blog a friend runs on music where I post a lot. The biggest thing in 2009 for me musically was that I get my […]

Letter to Harper’s on Zorn

Our colleague’s piece in Harper’s concerning John Zorn elicited a reader’s letter to the editor. The reader said Cohen’s articles was “appropriately polymathic” but that his history of music was “curiously garbled.” The full text is freely available at Harpers.org, though you need to scroll to the bottom of the page – it’s the fourth […]

Joshua Cohen’s article published in Harper’s

Back in December, Joshua Cohen spoke at a Junta gathering entitled “New York’s Avant-Garde“, in which he ran through a compressed history of the Downtown art scene and many of the cultural, social, and political aspects thereof – revolving around the musician John Zorn, but with plenty of jumping-off points for rabid discussion. It was […]

Avant-Garde Wrap-Up

Last week was the most successful Junta to date. Ten or so people showed up and turned the back of the bar from a damp and sticky foosball room into an underground outpost of intellectual enlightenment.  Josh’s presentation on the development of the New York downtown avant-garde art scene was well researched and provoked a […]