Raid on Entebbe

I had this in my Netflix queue for ages and it finally came out on DVD.¬† It’s a bit “made-for-TV” corny on the 70s docu-drama tip, but still a pretty cool rendering of the incredible Israeli rescue operation¬†in Uganda on July 4th, 1976, and pretty fun to watch Charles Bronson as an Israeli general and James Woods as a young Israeli special forces soldier.

For those that don’t know, a Palestinian terrorist group hijacked an Air France flight from Tel Aviv and diverted it Entebbe, Uganda, near the capital, where the dictator Idi Amin was sympathetic to their cause. The terrorists released all non-Jewish hostages almost right away but held all the Jews and demanded the release of their terrorist brethren in Israeli jails. Faced with either having their people executed or giving in to the terrorist demands and therefore encouraging even more terrorism, the Israelis opted for a daring raid. They flew several huge planes low over hostile Arab countries to avoid radar detection, and landed in the dark near the terminal. They rolled a black Mercedes limousine–Idi Amin’s car of choice–from the belly of one of the transport planes. When the commandos rolled up on the terminal the terrorists were at first confused and thought it might be Amin before the Israeli soldiers killed all of them. 45 Ugandan soldiers guarding the hostages were also killed along with, unfortunately, 3 hostages. The successful raid led to celebration in Jewish communities around the world and it is still studied in special forces academies around the world.

I think Hollywood should consider a remake.

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