Evolution of the music industry

Read this essay on the state of the music industry this morning and thought I’d post about it. It speaks to a lot of the issues that are discussed on another blog a friend runs on music where I post a lot. The biggest thing in 2009 for me musically was that I get my music almost exclusively (aside from some trading with friends) from the many blogs that are out there where you can get full albums. I thought ┬áJon Pareles made all the right points about how musicians are going to have to get out there and play for people rather than wait for sales of albums to keep them going. It is a changing landscape out there, creative destruction at work before our eyes, and that is surely creating hardship for people associated with music. But mostly I think it is a hugely positive trend to have access to so much music, to have the bar lowered for entering in with all the easy to use technology out there, and the chance for music to be cross-pollinated so that weird and interesting new hybrids are formed. Maybe we’ll get into this at the next Junta, which we will think will be art related.

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